Marketing automation

Confusing space.

  1. Email marketing automation. Simpelest. Alreday have a great lead follow.Too many to handle.Then want to qualify the leads. Lots of platforms. Must be your own with double opt-in. Automate the start of that process. Start a flow. Blast Mailchimp and track. Open action, click. Score results. Automate calculations to determine who is best lead candidate. Engaged the most of multiple emails and website. Niet zo happened send more free material. Early sales, lead marketing process. Use ActiveCampaign. Event based flow.
  2. Outbound Marketing automation. Zoals 1) maar met leads uit andere gekocht bronnen. NOOT ned tob e double opt-in. Inkopen grote lijsten, Spam ze, track engagement en duw ze door de funnel. Weinig response.
  3. Inbound marketing automation. Like Hubspot. Full lifecycle. Helps attracting leads. Sign up in websites. Email marketing automation voor nieuwe leads. Keyword research, Social mEdia integration. Extend reach, maximize traffics. Long term investment, Impact on your business. Invest time and money. There isno way around that anymoren. Either buy ads, and rent eyballs, or you EARN it. Create content that people want to read. What if you don’t have a ton of traffic: just start? Ads? No.  Not long term sorts of generation.  Acquire direct customers, maar daarna …

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